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 Let us start by asking you a few questions: Do you want to create the best version of yourself? Are you interested in taking your career, business and life to the next level? Are you looking for people to network with and take your cause to the next level? Are you looking for a new way to win? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then here is the great news. 

YOU ARE ROYALTY. There is nothing painful than having untold royalty buried inside your soul. Your royalty is too valuable that it should go unnoticed when you are gone. Your royalty is your legacy. Your royalty needs to be told, written about and monetised. How are you going to do this? We have a solution for you. Our solution includes a free consultation to help identify  opportunities and a commissioned report that includes a project plan with  timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. Contact us today as you might qualify to join our ROYALTY FAMILY.


Our bespoke individual MEMBERSHIP


This is our entry level membership that allows you to join our ROYALTY FAMILY. Among other benefits, you will be helped to discover and document your royalty, be dressed as a royal in your own brand, and establish an online presence . If you feel you  are called to belong to the ROYALTY FAMILY, contact us for more details and request an application pack.


This is our mid-level membership that allows you to join our family and be in the EXCLUSIVE ROYALTY NETWORK. Among other benefits, we will create your custom made fashion brand, manage your online presence, learn royal diplomacy, and access consultation.  If you feel you  are called to be in the ROYALTY NETWORK, contact us for details and an application pack. 


This is our high end membership that allows you to join the prestigious ELITE ROYALTY CLUB . Among other benefits, you will spend time with royals, influencers and change-makers, go on tour with them, share your message on the ROYAL STAGE, appear on our WALL OF FAME and be in the royal news.  If you feel you  are called to join our family and be in the ROYALTY CLUB, contact us for more details and get an application pack. 

Our Business and kingdom MEMBERSHIP



 Are you a business or organisation that want to grow? Come and discover the GREATNESS in your business and how to rebrand it. We will also research your business greatness, write and publish books about it. If you are struggling with business reputation, we will repair and manage it for you. By the end of the process, we will reright its future, rewrite its history of royalty and  put it in the global royal news.   



This rare membership is for kingdom and empire builders. We will research about your kingdom, rebrand it, align it with the 21st century community and position it in the global royal news.  Your will join the ELITE ROYALTY CLUB where your Royal family and kingdom officials can spend time to travel, speak on the Royal Stage with influencers and high net worth individuals so that you expand your influence and affluence.  



The great author Robert Anthony Kreucher wrote, ‘Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count’. The time for waiting is over.  Now is the time to join the royalty family. Today, you have the power to reright your life, rewrite your history and be in the royal news. 

Now is the time to complete your application form.   


Let us Learn and Grow Together




  1. Are you dissatisfied with your business? 
  2. Do you love providing services and products but don't have enough clients?
  3. Are you are not feeling good enough?
  4. Have you not yet found your perfect niche?
  5. Do you not like to sell to your prospects and clients?
  6. Do you have clients but not the ones you'd like to have?
  7. Do you not like the marketing part of running a business?
  8. Do you love business but feel alone in your home office and have to figure out everything on your own?

Join our inner circle and get the knowledge to control and expand your business. Our unique approach brings diverse experts and business leaders. Indeed,  our inner circle will help you  breakthrough your challenges and create unlimited success. 

7 Reasons You Should Join Us



  1. You will not feel alone as you grow your business. You will share your pains and gains. 
  2. You will join a community of highly committed and like minded entrepreneurs and make joint ventures with them. 
  3. You will have the time to discover, develop and celebrate your business success.
  4. You will learn from experienced and creative leaders.
  5. You don't have to make the same mistakes others did for you. You will avoid pitfalls and find the right opportunities by connecting with those working for the same purpose.
  6. You will get free coaching and mentoring. 
  7. You will discuss your upcoming projects, programs, models and pre-test them before releasing them to the public.·




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